Preparing Your Home for an Property Inspection

When you're selling a home, a lot goes into the preparation for putting it on the market. Typically homeowners will perform a deep clean, make some minor home improvements, and may even stage the home to make it shine... all in an attempt to prompt the best possible offer on the property. Fast forward to your offer and the inspection period; are you equally prepared for that? Did you even know that you needed to?

In preparation for your impending inspection, follow these tips to ensure smooth sailing once the inspector arrives:

Be prepared to disappear

Home inspectors typically arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled appointments. Make plans to make yourself scarce during the inspection by leaving the house one hour prior to the appointment and plan to be gone for three hours. Make sure all animals are removed or crated, and ensure that the house is clean.

Fix It Before They Find It

Something to remember - if it's broken, the inspector will find it. Attempting to conceal defects makes you appear dishonest and will only prompt the inspector to keep digging. If you can't repair broken or worn items prior to inspection, leave a note that you are aware of the problem and plan to repair it.

Let There Be Access

Make sure that all access routes to attics, crawl spaces and other seldom-used spaces are easily identified and available for inspection. If the door or hatch is located in a closet, be sure to clear the closet for easy access. The inspector does not want to have to move your personal items to perform their work.

Light and Bright

Make the house as light and bright as possible prior to the inspectors arrival. Make sure all lightbulbs are in working order, replacing them if necessary. If one is out, it may appear that the outlet is not working and don't depend on the inspector to bring extra bulbs for tests. Open all blinds and drapes to let as much natural light in as possible.

Lastly, if your property contains a septic system, make sure you note it's location for the inspector. There's nothing to be gained from wasting the inspectors time by forcing them to wander the yard looking for a buried item. These are all fairly simple and very effective ways to get on the inspectors good side from the start... and just a little extra effort can ensure a smooth inspection.